Father defiles three biological daughters, gets 45 years with hard labour

Police arrest handcuffs arrested jail
Police arrest handcuffs

A 55-YEAR-OLD peasant farmer of Choma has been sentenced to 45 years imprisonment with hard labour by the Livingstone Magistrate’s Court for defiling three of his biological daughters.
This was in a case in which Kolwa Moono of Singani village was charged with three counts of defilement.
Particulars of the offence are that on dates unknown but between January 1, and 29 November, 2008, in Choma, Moono allegedly had unlawful carnal knowledge of the three girls under the age of 16.
In mitigation, Moono, through his lawyer Switz Mweemba, said he had been in custody for a long time and that he had learnt his lesson.
“My Lord the convict is a first offender who deserves some mercy and it is his prayer that the court will exercise leniency on him,” Mr Mweemba said.
Livingstone High Court judge-in- charge Ernest Mukulwamutiyo said he had considered the fact that the convict was a first offender and that he deserved some leniency.
“In the first, second and third count, I sentence you to 15 years imprisonment each with hard labour,” he said.
Judge Mukulwamutiyo, however, said the sentences will run concurrently starting from December 2, 2008.
In the same court, a 17-year-old juvenile of Livingstone has been committed to Katombora Reformatory School for murdering his friend aged 16 years.
Facts before the court are that on April 14, this year, the juvenile killed his friend.
Judge Mukulwamutiyo said the juvenile had been found guilty of murder.


Zambia Daily Mail


  1. This person might have done this under influence of something. He was not himself.

  2. How dare they even mitigate!!! That beast ruined his own daughters lives like that and the lawyer actually bothered to mitigate?! Senseless!

  3. 45yrs is too little! maybe that multiplied by 3, hmm no 135 is still nt enough! he shud b hanged like that foolish fool frm makeni, no nt hanging, they shud hv his fingers n toes cut off wth a hot panga, then boil some cooking oil and pour some on his face, and a bit of hot porridge on his back, and maybe shoot him 3times in the legs and arms and finally use a knife to cut off his head :D

    • Who cares! Dats ur opinion, u r entitled to it! So thank u for letting it out daaah! And happy sunday to u too

    • I feel the anguish u have Thandy,I felt the same way when I was told that the girl I know was defiled. agony is that am a cop and am sure I will end up taking law into my own hands cause its too much. our judiciary should elevate the punishment.