— Choma DEBS office sets up trust fund

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Choma DEBS office sets up trust fund

Choma, Oct 4, 2014,  ZANIS  —–  The Choma District Education Board Secretary’s (DEBS) office is set to establish a Trust Fund aimed at supporting the
education of deceased teachers’ children in the district.

Area DEBS  officer  Mutinta Mubanga  says the Trust fund called the Deceased Teachers’ Children Education Fund’s  (DTCEF) aims at maintaining the legacy of  the teaching profession to the next  generation as well as to preserve the integrity and dignity of the

Ms. Mubanga explained that the funds would enable the DEBS office to provide bursary to departed teachers’ children and their dependents to
supplement government’s effort in alleviating poverty.


ZANIS reports that the DEBS said this yesterday during the commemoration in memory of the departed teachers at Choma Secondary School.

Mrs. Mubanga said In this light, the DEBS has since directed founding union leaders in
the district and their provincial union counterparts to hold an urgent meeting so as to streamline the operational guidelines and legalities of the Fund.

And commenting on the Independence Golden Jubilee, the DEBS explained that teachers played a big role in the attainment of independence and the peace Zambian’s were enjoying now.

Mrs. Mutinta said it was through the first teachers that minds were liberated to fight the mental and physical battles that led to independence.

She further observed that it was through the pre-independence teachers that the culture of peace of the nation had been preserved and shared
values enhanced.

In addition, she said development, economic prosperity had been made possible and that the Vision 2030 is feasible through teachers who
have continued to enlighten minds.

She implored all district teachers who turned in numbers for the event to never give up and to continue inspiring pupils to attain greater

Teachers in Choma will on Monday next week join the rest of the country in commemorating World Teachers’ Day and are under the instruction to put on the traditional attire that is depicting the Zambia at 50 Golden Jubilee emblem.