Scott rules out Sata’s resignation

scott - sata
scott - sata

Vice President Guy Scott says any suggestion for President Michael Sata to step down on health grounds is not under consideration.

Responding to a question by Sesheke Member of Parliament Siyauya Sianga during the Vice President’s question time who wanted to find out if government would consider retiring President Michael Sata on health grounds now that he has qualified for a full presidential retirement package, Dr Scott said he found such a suggestion offensive.


Dr Scott adds that even if it were in a hypothetical universe to consider retiring anybody it would not be on the basis that he/she had completed so many years.

The Vice President says as far as he is concerned President Sata is well.

And Dr Scott says he is not worried about being removed from his position of Republican Vice President.

He wondered what is there to worry about even if he had to lose the position.


Dr Scott was responding to a question by MMD Chembe Member of Parliament Mwansa Mbulakulima who wanted to know whether he was worried about being removed from his position and how sweet the position is.
( Friday 3rd October 2014 )



  1. correct! governance is like marriege till death seperates you! Sata is married until to zambian citizens/ govt till 2016 / 2021. Tyeni nayo chabe pabwato all the way!