Calls to retire Sata on medical grounds offensive-Scott

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Vice President Guy Scott says any suggestion for President Michael Sata to step down on health grounds is not under consideration.


Dr. Scott the ‘retirement grounds’ for President Sata to step down were offensive.


He was responding to a question raised by UPND Sesheke Member of Parliament (MP) Siyauya Sianga who wanted to find out if government would consider retiring President Sata on health grounds now that he has clocked three years and qualified for a full presidential retirement package.


Dr. Scott, who is leader of government business in the House and Patriotic Front (PF) Lusaka Central MP, said this during the 30-minute Vice President’s question time in parliament today.


He said President Sata was working at full capacity and was discharging the duties of a Head of State diligently.


Dr. Scott said even if it were in a hypothetical universe to consider retiring anybody, it would not be on the basis that he had completed so many years.


“Mr. Speaker Sir, suggestions to retire President Sata are not under consideration by government and l find such suggestions offensive to retire someone who is working so well,” Dr. Scott said.



And Dr. Scott says he was not worried about being removed from his position and wondered what his critics were up to because there was nothing to worry about.


He was responding to a question by MMD Chembe Member of Parliament Mwansa Mbulakulima who wanted to know whether he was worried about being removed from his position and how sweet the position was.


Meanwhile, the Vice President said he was frustrated with the garbage around the capital city, Lusaka.


Dr. Scott disclosed that he had a meeting with senior government and Lusaka City Council officials at cabinet office on the need to remove garbage from the city but the pace at which this was done was frustrating.


He said other cities like Johannesburg in South Africa were extremely clean but wondered why garbage was heaping up and littering Lusaka city.


He was responding to a question raised by PF Kabwata MP Given Lubinda who wanted to find out why there was a delay in collecting garbage to designated places around Lusaka amidst plenty of contractors waiting to be engaged by government.