— Mpongwe Mission Hospital earmarked for new mortuary equipment

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—Mpongwe Mission Hospital has from the 2014 constituency development fund (CDF).

ZANIS reports that Mpongwe central constituency Member of Parliament Gabriel Namulambe disclosed this in an interview, today.


Mr. Namulambe stated that the 2014 CDF would be used to fund the purchase of a new mortuary unit at the institution.


He said this will be done in order to cushion the many challenges that the mission had been facing in its mortuary services.


Mr. Namulambe said the current mortuary is servicing 5 chiefdoms within Mpongwe district thereby causing overcrowding and discomfort among mourners.


“All the five chiefs are being covered by the cold room that we have and we have challenges especially when bodies are abruptly brought in because we have so much disorder and discomfort for mourners, ” He said.


He added that procurement of new mortuary equipment will go a long way in alleviating challenges that the current mortuary has posed towards the locals.


And District medical officer Isaac Banda disclosed that the new mortuary will have a capacity of 9 bodies and will also involve expansion of the current structures.


He said the current mortuary was constructed as far back as 1931 with a capacity of only 4 bodies.


“The current Mortuary unit is quite old and it was constructed around 1931 and only has capacity 4 bodies” he stated.


Dr Banda further stressed that the new mortuary unit will involve purchase of a new freezing units and rehabilitation of the existing structure.