Lungu counsels opposition on Sata’s health

Sata , GBM in SOlwezi
Sata , GBM in SOlwezi
Evangelical Youth Alliance International has advised Cabinet Ministers to renew their commitment and help President Michael Sata deliver to the people of Zambia.

And the Youth alliance has advised opposition political parties to tone down on the debate on the health of President Sata.

Alliance Executive Director Reverend Moses Lungu has told QFM News in an interview that the debate on the health of the President has halted most of the developmental projects.

Reverend Lungu says it is shocking that politicians want to gain political mileage over someone’s sickness.

He says politicians in nature, are supposed to behave responsibly and handle certain sensitive matters with the care they deserve.

Reverend Lungu adds that time has come for politicians to show the people of Zambia how best they can respond to certain sensitive issues like the alleged illness of President Sata.

Meanwhile Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) Governance Advisor, Isaac Mwanza has advised President Sata to keep an eye on some Cabinet Ministers who want to take advantage of his alleged illness, describing them as a threat to national development.

Mr. Mwanza has told QFM News in a separate interview that President Sata should also weed out ministers who do not mean well for the country and bring in new people who are hungry for development.

( Tuesday 30th September 2014 )