Water blues hit Luwingu as residents draw water from Lufubu River

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Water blues hit Luwingu as residents draw water from Lufubu River 


Luwingu,  September  30, 2014 ZANIS—A critical water shortage has hit Luwingu district forcing residents to draw water from the nearby Lufubu River which is about 12km from the district administration.



A check by ZANIS found scores of people searching for the commodity in Kamba, Maiteneke, location Isandulula and Kapisha villages. Others are Lupili, Chelstone, Luwingu secondary school and ZESCO compound.


The water crisis which has lasted for more than three months is forcing resident to walk long distances to draw water for consumption.


A resident talked to complained that water supply has really become a problem in the area and civil servants and council workers have joined their spouses in drawing water from Lufubu River.


One of the residents Mulenga Chiti said the water problem if not checked will result to water borne diseases because some people were drawing contaminated water from the nearby Katopola stream.


“We have had no water for quite a long time in Luwingu and we do not know what is happening,” she added.


Ms Chiti appealed to the residents to boil drinking water to avoid contracting water-borne diseases such as dysentery, cholera, typhoid and diarrhoea.


She appealed to Chambeshi Water and Sewerage Company to quickly find a lasting solution to the water problem the district is currently experiencing.


A fortnight ago Local Government and Housing Deputy Minister Forrie Tembo told Luwingu residents that government was not happy with the way Chambeshi was running its business in Muchinga and Northern Province regarding the water situation.


Mr Tembo said Chambeshi had failed to supply water to residents in all the districts in the northern and Muchinga provinces.


Chambeshi Water and Sewerage Company has since apologised to the community using a public address system to its clients.