Chief Macha calls govt to include villagers in Golden Jubilee celebrations preparations

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——-Chief Macha of the Tonga speaking people in Choma district has called on government to consider including people in rural areas concerning independence celebrations.

Chief Macha noted that currently people in rural areas are just hearing about Jubilee Celebrations but do not know what is being put in place to celebrate the event which takes place on the 24th  of October .

He said this in an interview with ZANIS.

“It is a good thing to celebrate, but here in the villages we are not told what is going on. We should know what we are going to do, when and with whom,” he stated.

He said people in rural areas should be involved in preparations of the jubilee celebrations just like people in urban areas.

Zambia will this year be celebrating 50 years of independence.

Meanwhile, Chief Macha has advised government to increase enrolment in schools and aim at providing quality education.

He said such a move can be achieved through consultations with educated people, chiefs and the community at large on the best way.

He, however, observed that some children have short-comings in that they do not take their education seriously.

The traditional leader explained that some of them opt to go into bars and later lie to their parents about where they go which has negative consequences on their future as education is a key to achieving success.

Chief Macha also noted that some parents are to blame for their children’s failure to attain education.

He said some parents are in the habit of leaving older children to look after younger ones to attend funerals and in turn this leads to them missing out on school for days on end.

The chief added that some parents do not even show an interest in knowing what their children learn in school.

He noted with sadness that some children cannot even read their own writing.

He said all must be involved in promoting quality education and it is for this reason that government should hold consultation meetings with stakeholders such as chiefs and communities as well as the academics on the best way to achieve this goal.