Kasama’s Mubanga Chipoya villagers warn government over FRA

Food Reserve Agency (FRA)
Food Reserve Agency (FRA)

Farmers in Kasama’s Mubanga Chipoya village have warned that government should not take them for granted.

Holipa Chanda who spoke on behalf of farmers who stormed Radio Mano yesterday, threatened that government should not take their patience of not paying them for the maize they sold to the Food Reserve Agency on time for granted.

Ms Chanda accused government of not being honest regarding the statements it is making on the payments of farmers.

She aid efforts to seek audience with the office of the District Commissioner and that of the regional Permanent Secretary proved futile.

Ms Chanda has since threatened to withdraw the bags of maize she supplied in July to the Food Reserve Agency

• In a related development, farmers in Senga Hill in Mbala District have equally cried foul over the delay by government to pay them for the maize supplied to the Food Reserve Agency (FRA).

Farmers told Mano News yesterday that the delay to receive their dues has affected them negatively.

They have since challenged government through the FRA to quicken the process of clearing their payments.

Meanwhile, Mbala District Commissioner Best Kabulembe has described the delay to pay farmers as regrettable.

Mr Kabulembe hoped that farmers could be paid in time so that they can prepare for the next farming.




  1. Da government is even busy boosting 4 bumper harvest while da maize re der rotting in depots.Dats a big shame.Da GRZ should cum in and c dat da FRA re operating efficiently and in transparency manner.

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