Early marriages worry government

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—–Gender Deputy Minister, Obvious Chisala, says government is concerned about the rate of early marriages happening mostly in rural areas of Zambia.

Mr Chisala observes that this trend has negatively affected the Zambian community because   these girls have risks of dying from pregnancy complicated diseases as a result of early pregnancies.

The Gender Deputy Minister was speaking in Namwala district over the weekend when he toured the district to visit various women clubs.

Mr Chisala has since appealed to parents in the country to educate the girl child instead of marrying them off at an early age.

He said those who got pregnant and left school should take advantage of the re-entry policy   so that they access education and become better citizens of the country.

Mr Chisala said that the current government has demonstrated that it advocates for women empowerment by appointing women in key positions such as inspector general of police and other government positions.

The Gender Deputy Minister has also raised concern over the rampant increase in child labour cases.

He urged parents to send their children to school instead of engaging them in various labourer works.

Mr Chisala has since appealed to the Police Victims Support Unit (VSU) to work with traditional leaders and educate them on human rights and gender based violence issues.

Meanwhile, the Gender Deputy Minister has warned people who get drunk and insult innocent women in communities.

He said government does not condone insults because such behaviou is against Zambia’s culture.

He warned that those found insulting innocent women and other people risk being punished by the law and urged traditional leaders to take the lead in fighting the vice in their communities.