Anti Corruption Commision - ACC
Anti Corruption Commision - ACC
The corruption fight by the current Government has extremely failed to inspire the many Zambians and Diplomatic missions accredited to her. It is not a disputing fact that among the promised items by the PF to voters during the campaigns was to eradicate corruption as a tool to quality delivery service to the all Zambians, hence, voters turn up in large numbers to cast their votes as the way of ushering the PF into Government in exchange to eliminate corruption for better social services and equity among the citizens. The turning of the events has disappointed majority Zambians and Diplomatic community which is dangerous to our baby economy.
The Anti-Corruption Commission has found itself in the awkward situation as it has been turned into a whipping tool by politicians. People who are perceived to be critics and holding diverging views against the government are in most cases visited by ZRA and Anti- Corruption Commission for various offenses. What is not clear is why only the people who are out of favor of the ruling party are investigated but not those who are still serving at the palace.
When you look at the case of GBM, the police and other Government agencies resumed and paid more attention to his conduct when he resigned from the ministerial post and now is an angel just because he has reconciled with ruling party.  No one is hearing that his employees have taken him to police because of assault and no concerned government agencies are screening his businesses for tax compliance and how the contracts are awarded to his companies. All the allegations against him are quiet as at now.  Mr. Brian Hapunda is also the victim of manipulation and today is walking with his head high in the streets of Lusaka because he is in good boot with people at the palace together with his collogue        MR. Steven Masumba who’s conduct is in public domain. People are still waiting for the out come of the electoral malpractices allegations leveled against Hon. Gabriel Nalumambe MP since 2011.
For Hon. Shamenda Fackson and dangote outstanding bribe case is yet to be investigated according the press statement by the Anti- Corruption Commission public relation office and Zambian people are watching the turning of events. Mr. Wynter Kabimba has also joined the dancing floor after been shown the exit from the party he had defended so much and surprisingly the once buried and rotten corruption allegations are in the process to be exhumed. One wonders where the Anti-Corruption Commission was when he was the minister and secretary general of the party.
The latest one is the raiding of the post newspaper offices by the ZRA officials for non tax compliance cases. It is believed that the firm has not been paying various taxes for many years and people are wondering whether the ZRA were on holiday all these years and what has awakening them today for them to know that post has not been remitting tax for long time now.
The Government should know that people are more than ready to join the fight against corruption as it is an enemy to the much needed development but the way it has been handled leaves much to be desired.
By shi William in chingola
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