Foreign Affairs Minister Harry Kalaba
Foreign Affairs Minister Harry Kalaba

PRESIDENT Michael Sata has urged his ministers to continue working hard as the Government accelerates the development agenda particularly infrastructure development.
The President said here that citizens are expecting the Patriotic Front (PF) Government to deliver development to all corners of the country, hence the need to put more effort.
Mr Sata was speaking at New York Palace Hotel when he addressed members of his delegation and Zambian staff from the Permanent Mission to the United Nations (UN) before departure from the US.
Mr Sata recalled that First Republican President Kenneth Kaunda and his Government rolled out massive infrastructure across the country and that his ministers should adopt the same culture of hard work.
Those who attended the meeting included Transport Communications, Works and Supply Minister Yamfwa Mukanga, Lands, Environment Protection Minister Mwansa Kapeya and Emerine Kabanshi from Community Development, Mother and Child Health.
Foreign Affairs Minister Harry Kalaba was also present so was Zambia’s Permanent Representative to the UN Dr Mwaba Kasese-Bota.
The Head of State was in New York to attend the UN General Assembly, which was opened by Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon.
The President said he was satisfied with Zambia’s participation at the UN General Assembly as Ministers attended the sessions. The Climate Summit preceded the general debate.
Mr Sata said he discharges some of the duties through ministers and that his delegation adequately represented Zambia.
Ministers, he said, were there to assist him run the affairs of the country and advised them to be consistent in running the affairs of Zambia.
The President left via JFK International Airport with the First Lady who had a number of engagements in New York, including Women’s International Forum.
Meanwhile, Foreign Affairs Minister Harry Kalaba has said is deeply concerned that the Ebola outbreak in some parts of Africa could spread rapidly and affect a large population which already has challenges requiring immediate attention.

Mr Kalaba said here that Zambia stands ready to support all efforts to defeat the disease, which has affected four countries on the continent.
The minister said this when he delivered a speech to the general debate of the 69th session of the United Nations (UN) General Assembly.
“I wish to highlight our deep concern at the global health emergency that has resulted from the Ebola outbreak in parts of Africa. This burden is not only for the people of Liberia, Sierra Leone, or Guinea,” Mr Kalaba said.
“Zambia views this epidemic as a common challenge to humanity and, therefore, stands ready to support all efforts required to defeat the disease and bring back normalcy in the daily economic and social lives in our sister republics.”
The minister said there was growing concern that Ebola could easily spread beyond the first four countries.
“The recent resurgence of the disease in the neighbouring Democratic Republic of Congo is a reminder of the extent of this danger,” Mr Kalaba said.
He said Zambia thus supported the call for greater involvement of all UN member states and added that if left unchecked, the virus could affect more than 20,000 people.
On the composition of the Security Council, Mr Kalaba regretted that there had been little progress recorded in the negotiations for the expansion of the UN organ.
“The question of the reforms of the UN Security Council remains an important priority for Zambia and the rest of the continent. We remain deeply concerned that little progress has been recorded for the expansion of the council,” Mr Kalaba said.

Zambia, he said, was concerned about instability in Ukraine and the growing desperation of terrorist organisations, and cited Nigeria where innocent girls were abducted in Borno State.
“These and other global security concerns linger in the face of the United Nations which is becoming ever more challenged in coordinating any robust and convincing global response,” Mr Kalaba said.
The General Assembly’s theme is ‘From turmoil to peace’ and is taking place at the UN headquarters.


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