Woman sues cousin for burrying nephew

Court divorce lusakavoice.com 2014
Court divorce lusakavoice.com 2014

A WOMAN of Lusaka’s Mandevu Township has sued her cousin for allegedly authorising the burial of her son while she was away in South Africa.
Christine Mumbi, 50, said she will not forgive Rachael Kunda, 55, for giving a green light to bury her son even when she had been advised to wait until she came back.
This was a case in which Mumbi sued Kunda to seek explanation as why she authorised the burial of a child who was not hers.
Mumbi told the court that she was in South Africa seeking employment when she learnt that her son had died. She said she asked Kunda not to proceed with the burial until she returned.
However, she said she was shocked when she came back to find that her son had been buried in her absence.
Mumbi told the court that she felt offended when Kunda told her that it was her fault because she had left the children alone when she was going to South Africa.
“She is my cousin but I can’t forgive her for what she did. Only God will forgive her and not me,” she said.

However, Kunda denied having authorised the burial but said Mumbi’s brother and sister were the ones that gave the go ahead.
She however told the court that she had advised Mumbi against going to Johannesburg because her children would remain alone but was shocked when she heard she had left.
Kunda told the court that since her cousin had left, she was the one who had been caring and providing for her niece and nephews.
She said she was very shocked that her cousin could accuse her so unjustly and said she was not ready to reconcile with her because the accusations had ended their relationship.
Senior Magistrates Miyanda Banda and Grace Kanta said the reconciliation had failed as both were not willing to settle the matter amicably.
The court advised the two to settle their differences as they were a family and should continue helping and advising each other.


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