Violence leads woman to conceive outside wedlock

Court divorce 2014
Court divorce 2014

A NDOLA Local Court has heard how a 36-year-old married woman got pregnant from another man in order to be divorced by her violent husband.
Liness Mumba of Pamodzi Township told Magistrate Sarah Bwalya who was sitting with Magistrates Dismus Katampi and Rosemary Muke that she left her husband house and got pregnant from another man because of violence.
Mumba told the court that her husband, Given Ngoma aged, 61, had been abusing her and that she could not continue staying with him.
She claimed her husband was threatening to kill her after he heard that she was pregnant for another man whenever they meet.
“I do not want this man anymore. I do not like the way he treats me, that is why I decided to leave his house and get pregnant from another man,” she said.
Mumba was testifying in a case in which she sued Ngoma for divorce because of the alleged abuse she had suffered.

Interestingly, the court heard that the couple had only been married for one year and did not have children together.
In his defence, Ngoma refused to divorce his wife and told the court that all what he wanted was to know the person who impregnated her.
Mumba told the court that she could not accept to reconcile with her husband who had two other wives and had a bad behaviour.
Magistrate Bwalya however, urged the defendant to accept the divorce and give the complainant the freedom which she wanted.
She granted divorce to the couple without ordering compensation.


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