Court divorce 2014
Court divorce 2014

A twenty nine-year-old woman of Lusaka’s Garden Township has refused to reconcile with her husband who allegedly contracted a sexual transmitted infection and enrolled on treatment without her knowledge.
Emma Siamaleli, who is now on separation with her spouse, said she could not reconcile with her husband Brian Mwape, 34, because he changes women like clothes.
This was in a case where Mwape sued Siamaleli for divorce. Mwape had previously sued for reconciliation but was advised to file for divorce after Siamaleli refused to reconcile.
Mwape said his wife called him a dog seven years ago and had not apologised despite being advised to do so.

He said although he had been accused of behaving like a dog, he vowed to live with Siamaleli as his wife because he loved her.
However, Mwape told the court that he was surprised that his wife decided to leave the matrimonial home in July this year after the couple had a marital dispute.
He said he was also shocked to note that Siamaleli was wearing an engagement ring within three months the two had been on separation while efforts to get her on phone were failing because she had stopped picking his calls.

“My wife refused to reconcile with me, hence suing her for divorce but I still love her if only she can apologise for calling me a dog seven years ago, I will forgive her and take her back,” he said.
But Siamaleli told the court that she did not want to reconcile with Mwape because she has gone through psychological trauma since she got married to him.
She accused her husband of being a womaniser who had at one point been put on STI treatment without the knowledge of the wife.
She said she only discovered that her husband was sick when she noticed some sores on his private parts.
Siamaleli said her husband used to chat with other women in her presence and later started drinking sex pills without her consent.
She said her husband further stopped supporting the family and when she provided for the children he accused her of being promiscuous.
The matter has since been adjourned to October 1, this year for judgment.


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