— KK calls for continued peace and unity Zambia

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KK calls for continued peace and unity Zambia

CHOMA, September 28th, 2014, ZANIS —- FIRST Republican President Kenneth Kaunda says the 1972 Choma declaration will continue being major foundation for Zambia’s peace and unity.


Dr Kaunda says it is because of this that the Declaration is the genesis of peace and unity the country is currently enjoying.


He said this was all the reason that all Zambians to recognize its significance.


He says through the Declaration, the then opposition political parties namely the Africa Congress Party (ANC) and United Party for National Development (UNIP) in 1972 signed an agreement to work together in unity for the common good.


ZANIS reports that Dr Kaunda said this in a speech read for him by Chiefs and traditional affairs Minister Professor Nkandu Luo during the commemoration of the Choma Declaration in Choma Today.


He said the Choma declaration helped promote peace and unity among political party in Government and the opposition.


“After independence, when there was tension and fighting because people belonged to different political parties, we realised it was important to stop the political violence and division.


“ My colleagues and I approached Harry Mwanga Nkumbula and his team were we reached an agreement to work together as brothers and sisters for harmony, unity, peace, development and stability”, he said.


Dr Kaunda said the signing of the agreement at the Choma declaration helped the two parties to work together in promoting an inclusive one party state participatory democracy.


The First Republican President however called on political players in the country to desist from politics of violence in recognition of  the value played by the Choma declaration in Zambia’s political history.


He  furthermore urged all political party leaders in the country to unite and they emulate the peace and unity that was formed between UNIP and ANC in 1972 through the Choma declaration.


Meanwhile Southern province Minister Daniel Munkombwe says  the ideas of Dr Kaunda and Harry Mwanga Nkumbula should be forged ahead.


Mr Munkombwe, ,  who witnessed the signing of the Choma declaration in 1972,    said this was because it will be very difficult for the country to develop further without peace, unity and stability.

He added that there was the need for all Zambians to remain peaceable and shun all forms of violence in accordance with the Declaration.


Meanwhile chief Macha of the Tonga speaking people in Southern province says peace and unity should begin at household level.


He said peace is not only important in politics but that people must live in harmony with one another at all times.


The Choma Declaration which was signed on June 27, 1972 was commemorated for the first time on Saturday September 27 and was attended by all District Commissioners in the province.


Also present at the event were his royal highnesses chief Mukombela, Chief Singani, Chief Chikanta, and Chieftainess Mweenda.