— Govt. thanks Church for promoting unity through music

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Govt. thanks Church for promoting unity through music

Lusaka, September 27th, 2014,  ZANIS—Government has praised the church for its commitment in promoting music that strengthens peoples reverence to God.


Tourism and Arts Deputy Minister Lawrence Evans says gospel music plays an important role in strengthening peace and unity among the people in the country.


Mr. Evans says since Zambia’s independence in 1964, music has remained as a key unifying factor of the all the 73 tribes in the country.


He also said the social commentary in various music has helped to promote a positive conduct in society.


ZANIS reports Mr. Evans was speaking in Lusaka today at the Choral concert to mark this year’s golden jubilee independence celebrations.

And Mr. Evans has called on church mother bodies to continue encouraging their members to consistently pray for continued peace in the country.


Mr. Evans added that Zambia’s independence has come at the right time when the country has continued to witness God’s favours in many areas of human endeavor.


He has since called on the people of Zambia to support government efforts of creating an enabling environment for all.