Student’s urged to reduce alcohol consumption

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Government has urged companies to partner with training institutions in order to bridge the gap between students and their demands.

Minister of Education John Phiri said this was the only way that students can understand what was expected of them upon completing their training.

Dr. Phiri explained that strong partnerships between companies and training institutions were cardinal in fostering the growth of industries in the country.

He further called on companies to support students in the country by providing industrial experience which will further open doors for employment in various industrial fields.

Dr. Phiri said this in a speech read on his behalf by Chief Vocational, Education and Training Officer for Entrepreneurship Emmanuel Lutelo at the second graduation ceremony of the Industrial Training Center (ITC) in Lusaka today.

A total of 253 students graduated in the field of automotive, electrical and chartered institute of logistics and transport.

And Dr. Phiri cautioned students against excessive intake of alcohol which he said derails the academic advancement.

Dr. Phiri said students should strive to put their education on top of all agendas and give priority to activities that will improve their lives.

Earlier, ITC board member Sylvester Mashamba praised government for providing bursaries to the institution in auto-electrical and computer engineering courses.

Dr. Mashamba however called on government to increase the number of progammes for which it provides bursaries in order to cater for the underprivileged students.