Nigerian clergyman urges Zambia to diversify economy

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Visiting founder and publisher of Our Daily Manna Chris Kwakpovwe has called on the Zambian government to diversify the country’s economy.


Bishop Dr. Kwakpovwe said Zambia should move away from heavy dependence on copper as the country’s economic mainstay.


He said the Zambian government needs to look beyond copper and find products that the country will be able to depend on 20 years from now.


He said copper was a diminishing resource that can run out at any time hence the need to have another product to rely on in an event that such a thing happens.


Bishop Dr. Kwakpovwe further underscored the importance of having alternative means that will sustain the massive economic growth the country has attained especially over the past one decade.


The Nigerian preacher arrived in the country today ahead of an annual anointing service in Lusaka in the next two days that will mainly focus on Zambia’s golden jubilee celebration.


And Bishop Dr. Kwakpovwe said Zambia should trace its root to the Bible even as it celebrates the golden jubilee.


He said being a Christian Nation, the country needs to ensure that everything that is done is according to biblical principles and values and warned against diverting away from the word of God.


Bishop Dr. Kwakpovwe said the nation should also strive to uphold peace and unity and put aside divisions.