— Negative traditional practices scaling up GBV in Zambia

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Negative traditional practices scaling up GBV in Zambia

Kalomo, September 25, 2O14,  – Government says society should challenge cultural values and traditions that disadvantage  women and girls to curb rising cases of gender based violence (GBV) in the country.


KALOMO district commissioner, Lucia Mwiinde says that although GBV was  entrenched in our culture and tradition, it was harmful to society as it can prevent survivors from making any meaningful contributions to national development.


Ms. Mwiinde said Kalomo district has so far recorded 45 cases of GBV cases  from January up to date .


However, she said despite this negative picture,  there is hope for Zambia to curb the vice with recent enactment of the Anti – gender based violence Act. Number 1 of 2011.


She said the new law provides for prosecution of perpetrators and protection of victims through protection orders, compensation and counseling, among other things.


“I am confident with the law on our side, we will see a reduction of GBV cases as more people learn about their rights and are enlightened on how to get help when their rights are violated.


“ This is the more reason why World Vision here in Kalomo has collaborated with other stakeholders and government to establish a ‘one stop centre’ at the district hospital which will help GBV survivor’s access treatment, counseling and other relevant services under one roof,”  Ms. Mwiinde said.


She urged everyone to come on board including stakeholders for gender equality to consolidate their efforts in maintaining love, peace and stability and enhancing the prosperity and development of the country especially that Zambia is celebrating its golden Jubilee of independence this year.