Kafwimbi water crisis persists

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——The water problem has continued to hit Kafwimbi Section 4 area in Isoka district of Muchinga province.

Speaking on behalf of other residents of Kafwimbi Section 4 in an interview with ZANIS today, Brighton Siwila said water has become a challenge to the inhabitants as they are subjected to cover long distances to draw the commodity from unprotected shallow wells.

Mr Siwila said it is a pity that people are still facing challenges in accessing clean and safe water despite Zambia attaining 50 years of independence.

He complained that Kafwimbi Section 4 area has a population of 240 people yet the area has no water point.

Mr Siwila complained that the residents spend more time searching for the commodity at the expense of other chores and development.

He lamented that people in the area have no option but to drink contaminated water which he described as a health hazard.

Mr Siwila has appealed to the area MP and Ward Councillor to come to the aid of the residents.

Meanwhile, Isoka Area Member of Parliament (MP), Malozo Sichone, says he has prioritised water in his approach to develop his constituency.

Mr Sichone said water problem in Kafwimbi Section 4 is an emergency that calls for urgent intervention by his office.

He said about 148 boreholes and nine wells have been drilled in the district, adding that two other boreholes were drilled in Kafwimbi area.

Mr Sichone, who is also Eastern Province Minister, said Kafwimbi Section 4 was not captured in the early plan but has promised the residents in the area to come to their aid.