Climate Resilience Program takes shape in Mongu

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—-The Pilot Program for Climate Resilience, which is aimed at strengthening climate change in the Barotse Basins of Western Province, is now shaping up.

World Bank Group Program Leader, Robin Mearns, said the $36 million project, which was launched in September last year, is expected to
complete within six years, adding that works to rehabilitate canals in the province are on course.

Mr Mearns added that the money was made available for the project in order to assist people adapt to climate change.

He was speaking when he paid a courtesy call on Provincial Assistant Secretary, Sineva Kambeja.

Mr Mearns explained that canals serve many purposes as they can boost agriculture which is critical to the people of Western Province as
well as scale up rice production.

He pointed out that the project targets five canals which are earmarked for rehabilitation whose designs have been completed and the
money will be released with a condition that people come up with satisfying mechanism on how they are going to maintain the canals once they are rehabilitated in order for them to serve the intended purpose.

Mr Mearns disclosed that the bank will train the local active Non-Governmental Organisation in the quest to build up capacity and
stimulate focus in climate resilience.

And Western Province Assistant Secretary, Sineva Kambenja, thanked the World Bank and called on funder to overcome the challenges and breakthrough
in order to usher to the next stage.