Ex-girlfriend buys man underwear, upsets wife

Court divorce lusakavoice.com 2014
Court divorce lusakavoice.com 2014

A HOUSEWIFE was greeted with shock when her husband walked into their house with a parcel of underwear which he said he had received from his ex-girlfriend.
Patricia Mweemba, 23, of Shantumbu said when her husband walked into their house with the parcel, with impunity; he told her he had just met his former lover of 2007 who bought him the gift.
She was testifying at the BOMA Court before Justices Kalunga Chansa and Contilda Kamono in a case where she sued her husband Sandford Musumba , 26, also of Shantumbu for marriage reconciliation.
Mweemba said from 2013 when the two got married they have not had peace.
She told the court that one day when Musumba walked in their house around 20:00hours with a DVD, she teased him saying, ‘where have you seen a person buying a sim card without a phone and a DVD without a player?’
Mweemba said she also noticed he had three sets of underwear which Musumba told her were bought for him by his former lover of 2007 whom he had met that day.
She said when she asked Musumba if he had told his ex-girlfriend he was now married, he said he did, but that he was lucky to have met her because she bought him the underwear.
Mweemba said earlier when she had fallen sick; Musumba kept receiving phone calls from his lovers.
“I demanded to have the phone because I felt it was causing problems in our marriage,” she said.
With that, Musumba told her he had decided to marry another woman adding that he asked her if she would manage that arrangement.
When she refused and told him she was not ready to share him with another woman, she demanded he take her back to her parents, but he refused to do that.
She said Musumba then warned her to be geared for trouble as he had started having sex with whoever he pleased.
Mweemba said Musumba also told her he wants to bring back his first wife who is currently living with his mother.
In his statement, Musumba said when he eloped with Mweemba, she found him with another woman which brought about conflict between the two women.
Musumba told the court he still wants Mweemba back home but insists he will marry the other woman who will be his senior wife.
He also said Mweemba is disrespectful and has issues with most of his family members some of who don’t approve of her.
Passing Judgment, Justice Kamono dismissed the claim saying the two were considered not married because Musumba never paid any dowry.


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