USAID praise Zambia’s HIV/AIDS fight

HIV aids
HIV aids
The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) has observed that Zambia has made significant strides in reaching vulnerable children with critical services in the fight against HIV/AIDS.

USAID-Zambia HIV/AIDS Multispectral Team Leader Ky Lam says the strides have been made through programs funded by the Zambian government, the US government through the President’s Emergency Fund for Aids Relief (PEPFAR) and other donors.

Ms. Lam says currently in Zambia 95,000 children are living with HIV while over 611,000 orphans and vulnerable are due to HIV.

She says the 6th National Development Plan highlights the critical need for social protection for Zambia’s most vulnerable population stating that in the recent years, the Zambian government has created structures and policies to provide a more enabling environment for children and specifically orphans and vulnerable children.
Ms. Lam however SAYS that despite the strides made, significant challenges remain to reach the quality of services that the country desires adding that the country heavily depend on the social welfare workforce to provide care and support to the vulnerable children and the communities at large.

( Sunday 21st September 2014 )



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