Court divorce 2014
Court divorce 2014

THE Ndola Local Court has heard how a 51-year-old man of Pamodzi Township wounded his wife’s private parts before locking her up in the house so that she could not report the matter to the police.
Charles Chanda, who divorced his wife last year after 34 years in marriage, is said to have injured Godfridah Chipenge on her private parts and locked her up until she healed  to prevent her from reporting the matter to the police.
The two however, managed to divorce although the court heard that Chipenge had continued to confront Chanda who has since married another woman.
This was a case in which Chanda asked the court to restrain Chipenge from coming to his home after they divorced last year saying he had married another woman.

Chanda said despite going separate ways, Chipenge had continued to go to his house and insult him and his new wife without any reason.
He submitted that Chipenge and the couple’s children had not accepted the divorce that was granted by the court as they were still going to insult and beat up his new wife.
Chanda, who denied injuring Chipenge when they were still married, said he was currently paying the K400 monthly as compensation for divorce and asked the Local court to restrain the plaintiff from visiting his home.
However, Chipenge said Chanda had promised to stay with her for rest of his life after convincing her not to report to the police the injury she suffered on her private parts.
Magistrate Sarah Bwalya who was sitting with magistrates Dismus Katampi and Rosemary Muke was shocked to hear about the injury and blamed the tradition of secrecy in marriage for such inhuman behaviour.
“Some traditions are good and some are not good and our young women should not follow them.
“The issue of telling our young women to keep secretes has subjected many to Gender Based Violence. There are a lot of GBV cases involving women which are not reported because of such traditions,” Ms Bwalya said.


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