Man Of God - Pastor, priest
Man Of God - Pastor, priest

CONFUSION has emerged in the Apostles Church over the administration of tithe with some members accusing their leader, Bishop Josia Sibanda of personalising church collections.
The members have also accused Bishop Sibanda of dismissing and frustrating members that have questioned his leadership style while incorporating his family members.
General secretary Mulunah Hatontola was recently removed from his position while bishop Sadox Lungwe who was vice to bishop Sibanda is said to have been demoted after differing with his boss over cash.
The 80-year-old clergyman says he does not know anything, adding that only God will be able to judge him on whether he was mismanaging the affairs of the congregation.
According to a letter that was written by some members of the church, the congregation formerly known as African Apostolic Faith has been left divided because Bishop Sibanda was allegedly sidelining the synod.
The members are also demanding that the forthcoming conference next month be postponed until the matter is resolved.
“Now we are requesting for Churches Association of Zambia (CHAZ) and Registrar of Societies so that they should come to the Apostles Church and meet bishop Sibanda and see how he leads the church.
“The church is dying because of bishop Sibanda and we are appealing this matter be addressed as quickly as possible before the conference in October,” read the letter in part.
Mr Hatontola confirmed in an interview that the church has

been rocked with divisions due to the leadership style of bishop Sibanda.
“I agree that there have been serious mistakes that have been made although I don’t believe that taking them to the Press is the right thing.
“I will not deny that there has been misapplication of money. We have to be frank otherwise God will punish us, the misapplication of money is there but it’s not just misapplication, even the general administration of the church,” he said.
Mr Hatontola said he was also afraid that the congregation could disintegrate unless serious measures were taken to address the current confusion.
However, bishop Sibanda wondered whom the members wanted to select if they dismissed him as the leader of the church.
“This is a new story to me,” he said.
“However, I can’t hate them and God knows what is happening, if I’m misapplying the money of the church, God will punish me, and if I am not doing that again I will be free from God.”


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