ZTB sees urgent need to address tourism sector challenges

Munga Village Eco Lodge, Livingstone, Zambia
Munga Village Eco Lodge, Livingstone, Zambia
The Zambia Tourism Board (ZTB) says there is urgent need for the country to address the challenges that the tourism sector is facing.

ZTB Managing Director Felix Chaila says as long as the challenges the sector is facing are not addressed, the growth tourism industry will be hindered.

He notes that the challenges that are both internal and external are affecting the marketing efforts of the country’s tourism product and destination.
Mr. Chaila says there is also need to make sure that the country’s tourism sector becomes visible to its target market unlike the case is now where tourism entities and their messages are not so visible compared to other countries.

He further states that he is however hopeful that the measures that the board and other stakeholders are putting in place will help face the challenges that the industry is facing so that the industry is effective and contributes to the economic growth of the nation.

( Saturday 20th September 2014 )