Once orphaned Mporokoso man marries his uncle’s wife; uncle raised him

Court divorce lusakavoice.com 2014
Court divorce lusakavoice.com 2014

A 26-YEAR-OLD man of Katongo village in chief Chitoshi’s area of Mporokoso district has married his uncle’s wife, aged 27.

Christopher Chewe, 41, said his nephew, Leonard Katongo, whom he was keeping as an orphan had decided to take his aunt for a wife.

He complained that Katongo, whom he had kept for eight years, had acted selfishly by grabbing his wife on the pretext that Chewe drank too much alcohol, which had rendered him impotent.

Chewe said he was disappointed with his wife and nephew for going against morality

He said he would not do anything to Katongo but only curse his wife, with whom he has three children.


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