Lukulu, Mitete PF officials celebrate Zambezi West by election victory

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—-Government has called on Patriotic Front party officials in Lukulu and Mitete districts to be united in order for it to fulfil its promises.

Mitete District Commissioner, Teddy Chimbinde, made the call during the victory celebrations in Lukulu following the just ended Zambezi West Constituency by elections.

Mr Chimbinde said the three sits won in Zambezi West Constituency shows that the party is united and ready for the 2016 general elections saying nothing will stop it from winning.

The DC added that the PF is not like other parties that are disorganised, saying the ruling party is committed to bringing development closer to its people.

He urged party officials both from Mitete and Lukulu districts to always resolve issues among themselves and to work in unity and harmony in order for the party to continue working well.

Mr Chimbinde further thanked the party officials for joining the rest of the party in the country in the celebrations and urged them to continue publicising government projects that are taking place in their respective places.

Meanwhile, Lukulu district Patriotic Front Chairperson, Simataa Mwiya, said PF party officials in the two districts are happy with the results in the just ended Zambezi West Constituency by elections.

Mr Mwiya added that this shows how much people are aware of the developmental projects taking place in various places in the country, adding that the electorate want the party to continue developing the country.

He said the winning of the seat in Zambezi West and other constituency by elections also shows the popularity of the party in the entire country.

The district chairperson appealed to the newly elected Zambezi West Constituency Member of Parliament to connect the people of Zambezi West to developmental projects, saying this will also help the neighbouring Mitete district to be connected as well.

Yesterday, PF party officials   from Lukulu and Mitete districts celebrated the winning of three seats won in Zambezi West, Vubwi and Mkushi South Constituencies in the recently held by elections.