— Fatteeve wins his freedom in Kasempa

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Fatteeve wins his freedom in Kasempa

Kasempa, September 19, 2014, ZANIS —- AVARMA mining company  Director Andreei Fatteev walked to his freedom when Kasempa Resident Magistrate Gervas Chishala  has dismissed a case against by Kasempa District Commissioner Victor Kayekesi.


This follows Magistrate Chishala’s dismissal of the case by Kasempa D.C Kayekesi who sued Fatteev for allegedly threatening violence through text massages.


Facts before the court are that on 19TH August 2014, Victor Kayekesi had received several text messages on his phone from Fatteev requesting to meet and discuss mining activities in the district.


Among the messages that were received read:  “please send someone to meet me now bad thing is happening” and “if you are siding with illegal miners VEN then you are out”.


In passing judgment the court held that the complainant victor Kayekesi did not understand the meaning of the word ‘out’  which left  the  court with no evidence as regards to the meaning of the text messages.


Magistrate Chishala ruled that the prosecution failed to prove that what was recorded on the charge sheet by the complainant were mere speculation as no evidence was found in the phone.


Complainant Victor Kayekesi had earlier indicated that he had received messages stating the words  “ I will sort you out “ but such a message was not traced in his phone.


Magistrate Chishala held that both state witnesses and the prosecution team did not conduct further investigations that would have sufficiently provided the court with evidence.