Herbalists warn of fake prophets

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–Some traditional healers in the country have condemned people who flock to some prophets for their healing instead of seeking medication from hospitals.

A traditional healer, popularly known as Dr Chalwe Mukuka, has warned that those Zambians seeking medication from fake prophets are doing that at their own risk.

Dr Chalwe told ZANIS in an interview in Lusaka insinuations of spiritual healing by the so-called prophets are fake and non-beneficial.

He said Zambians should be careful with dubious prophets who have engulfed the nation because seeking healing from such people will for sure affect their lives.

The herbalist stressed that people with different ailments should only seek medication from hospitals as opposed to inclining themselves to deceitful prophets.

Dr Chalwe said he did not dismiss the fact that some prophets are genuine but was quick to add that there are some of them who have evaded the nation on profit gains.

And another traditional healer, Gerald Nyoni, said government should step up efforts in cramping down fake prophets who are trying to mislead Zambians to for-go conventional medication in preference to their fake players.

Dr Nyoni said there are currently fake prophets who are cheating Zambians that they can even heal   HIV -AIDS patients through their players, a thing he said was a dream.

He stated that Zambians should not be cheated by lies that some prophets in the country are offering best services in terms of treating people using their fake prayers without God’s blessings.

He also called on the Registrar of Societies to close fake churches whose mission is to deceive the Zambian people.

He noted that some so-called prophets are taking advantage of desperate Zambians by cheating them that they can cure some deceases as opposed to seeking hospital remedies.

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