ZAMTEL launches ZAMPELLIT school competition

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–Government says it will continue to support all innovations aimed at building the reading and writing capacity of pupils in the country.


Education Permanent Secretary, Patrick Nkanza, says government stands ready to partner with key organisations in addressing the declining levels of reading and writing among pupils in the country.


Dr Nkanza has, however, attributed the poor spelling culture among pupils to the tendency of adopting the mobile telecommunication Short Message Services texts (SMS) mode of communication.


ZANIS Reports that Dr Nkanza was speaking in Lusaka today in a speech read for him by Lusaka Province Education Officer, Ngosa Kotati, during the launch of the ZAMSPELLIT School Competition.


And ZAMTELL Managing Director, Mupanga Mwanakatwe, said the ZAMSPELLIT School Competition is targeted at Grades 10 and 11 pupils from all schools across the country.


Dr Mwanakatwe said the competition, which will be televised for 35 weeks, is aimed at fostering a sound reading culture among pupils.


He said ZAMTEL remains committed to supplementing government’s efforts in improving and raising the spelling standards among pupils in the country.