TALC says adherence ART is still low

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—The Treatment Advocacy and Literacy Campaign (TALC) says the adherence to antiretroviral therapy is still low in the country especially in rural areas.

TALC Director, Felix Mwanza, attributed the situation to having low people doing adherence support programs comparing with the way it had been in the recent past.

Speaking in an interview in Lusaka yesterday, Mr Mwanza disclosed that the number of people attending the literacy sessions on HIV/AIDS especially in rural areas has reduced.

He said individuals are shunning literacy sessions for fear of being labelled by the members of the community as a section of people living with the HIV infection.

Mr Mwanza noted that stigma and discrimination are still a challenge in the country which has resulted to people not taking their medicine or go for counselling despite being knowledgeable on HIV/AIDS related issues.

He, however, called on individuals to continue going for support groups as they reliably deliver the latest information on HIV/AIDS.

Mr Mwanza revealed that his organization is working on the E adherence and counselling programs which once successful will help people access advice on HIV/AIDS in confidence through text messages.

Meanwhile, Mr Mwanza also commended government for its efforts in distributing drug kits in the country.

He advised that the programme should be sustained especially in remote areas such as the lower Zambezi ahead of the rainy season.

Mr Mwanza said TALC is ready to assist government in any way possible adding that where there will be  a shortage of drugs it will be quick to alert government.