MMD wants Zambia to ban importing and use of Toyota Noah mini-buses

Toyota Noah mini-buses
Toyota Noah mini-buses

MMD in Northern Province has called on Government to consider banning the importation and use of Toyota Noah mini-buses in Zambia.

Speaking to Mano News last evening, MMD-regional Chairperson; Stephen Mukuka stated that Toyota Noah busses have continued to claim many lives across the country than any other vehicle, alleging that they are not stable on the roads.


Mr. Mukuka charged that it would be unfair on the part of Government to remain mute over the matter and watch its people die.

He added that it is against the said background that government should as a matter of urgency reflect on his party’s advice if lives are to be saved.

Toyota Noah mini-buses are reported to have claimed many lives than any other vehicle across the country.

Just last week, six people who were traveling in a Toyota Noah mini-Bus died on the spot along the Kasama-Mbala road.


Radio Mano News


  1. Road traffic accident where happenig from long ago. Barning importing noah mini buses can not solve any problem at all.

  2. People are bying changanya tyres and so called good second hand tyres and blame the government.

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