World Vision condemns unreported GBV cases

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World Vision condemns unreported GBV cases

Kalomo, Sept 16, 2014, ZANIS –World Vision Zambia is concerned about the growing number of unreported cases involving gender based violence in the country.

The organization has also warned that people who protect perpetrators of gender based violence should be punished by law.

World Vision Zambia- GBV Survivor Project Coordinator Derrick Chila says it was an offence not to report any case of gender based violence to the relevant authorities if such came to anyone’s attention.

ZANIS reports that Mr Chila was speaking at a multidisciplinary and GBV management training workshop in Kalomo today.

Mr Chila said Cap 87 of the Laws of Zambia make it mandatory for anyone to report GBV cases.

He observed that while the uneven distribution of gender roles had significantly resulted in abusing one’s gender, acts of GBV should be adequately tackled in society if the vice was to be reduced in communities.

And participants at the workshop have called for the steady economic empowerment of women as they are  deemed to be highly vulnerable to abuse.

The participants feel that empowering women would significantly reduce chances of their vulnerability.

This came to light during deliberations that observed that culturally women are groomed to ‘endure’ in their marriages and protect their husbands even when they were brutal.

Kalomo is expected to have a One -Stop GBV centre at the district hospital that will provide necessary facilities for survivors of the scourge.

The center will be built with the support of World Vision Zambia, the Zambia Centre for Communication  Project (ZCCP) and Women and Law in Southern Africa (WLSA.