Mushrooming Illegal structures irk authority

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Mushrooming Illegal structures irk authority

Chiawa, September 16, 2014, ZANIS…………………The Lusaka Province Planning Authority has bemoaned the increase in the construction of illegal structures in the province.

Lusaka Province Planning Authority Head Maxwell Zulu said developers should first seek planning permission before they could proceed with construction.                                                                                                                           

He was speaking when the planning authority conducted an inspection in the Lower Zambezi National Park to check on the lodges which had planning permission.

Mr. Zulu said the inspection was meant to find out how many lodges where operating with planned structures.

He said it was law for the developers to ensure they acquire planning permission before they develop any structures.

“Over thirty lodges which are in Lower Zambezi only about fifteen have planning permission the rest are illegal structures”,  he said.

Mr. Zulu added that developers who wish to change the design of their structures should also apply for planning permission.

He however warned the developers in who have not regularized their structures to apply for the process to be effected.

Mr. Zulu however expressed concern at the fencing of private property in the lower Zambezi with electric fences saying the trend will ensue into a danger between wild animals and human beings.

“The electric fencing in this national park is very dangerous to both wild animals and people because animals will have nowhere to pass as a result they will start using the villages to get to the rivers and this will cause human- animal conflict”, he said.

Meanwhile, Lusaka province planning authority board member Nelson Magolo said there was no harm in investing in Zambia but that investors should follow laid down procedures.

He said it was sad that people where constructing lodges without seeking planning permission from the authority.