Local court officers chased by chief

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Local court officers chased by chief

Luwingu, 16 September, 2014, ZANIS– Chief Katuta of abena Mukulu people of Luwingu district in the Northern province has chased the three local court staff from his chiefdom.

Chief Katuta chased away the local court magistrate Costa Swaba , his messenger Erick Sichangwa and Orbed Katai the court clerk for gross misconduct and disloyalty.

And the officers have since been transferred to other local courts in Kasama district of the Northern Province.

In a letter addressed to the local court clerk Orbed Katai and made available to Zambia News and Information Iervices in Luwingu signed by chief Katuta Kafwimbi (ii) accused him of lack of respect, use of insulting language and refusing to obey his instruction regarding court related issues.

“You carelessly insulted me publicly and you wanted to lock me up for no reason and you don’t show loyalty to my decision,” read the letter in parts.

Chief Katuta further accused the local court clerk that he does not follow the normal procedure on how to run the court adding that he should also leave the chiefdom with immediate effect.

Meanwhile, the local court magistrate Costa Swaba who was also chased from Katuta chiefdom has been transferred to Munkonge local court while Orbed Katai has been taken to Kapila local court.

And magistrate Swaba and Katai denied the allegations leveled against them saying chief Katuta and his indunas were complaining that the chiefdom was e no longer receiving incentives such as chickens and goats the opening of Katuta local court because all the matters were dealt with by the court.