— Govt. calls for extensive screening of suspected Ebola virus

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Govt. calls for extensive screening of suspected Ebola virus


Lusaka, 16th September 2014, ZANIS — Government has called for extensive screening for suspected Ebola viral disease at intercity bus terminus in Lusaka.


Lusaka province Permanent Secretary Wamunyima Muwana says this was because the inter-city bus terminus handles a lot of travelers who might have entered the country using undesignated entry points.



Mr. Muwana has further called on relevant authorities to ensure that adequate protective equipment are sent to all entry points in the province which include Luangwa and Chirundu districts, respectively.


ZANIS reports that the Permanent Secretary said this during Ebola preparedness and response stakeholders meeting held at the new government complex in Lusaka today.


Mr. Muwana who is also Provincial Disaster Management and Mitigation Unit DMMU Chairperson said he was grateful that government and stakeholders had set up a rapid response team in case of an outbreak.



He further called for more sensitizations among members of the public on the causes and prevention of the virus.



And the Provincial Medical Officer Dr. Abel Kabala said that St. Agnes health facility has been identified as an isolation center for suspected Ebola cases.


Dr. Malabo said at the same time his office has advised the rest of the clinics in the province to reserve an isolation rooms to admit suspected cases of Ebola before moving them to quarantine centers.



He also revealed that protective equipment has been procured and disbursed to all key areas in the province.



Dr. Kabalo indicated that the University of Zambia Laboratory with support from the Japanese Agency for International Corporation (JICA) is currently helping with the testing of Ebola suspected samples.



It was however heard that all the five suspected cases tested have turned out to be negative.



The Provincial Medical Officer said that soon trainers of trainers will be trained in all the provinces on the Ebola Viral Disease and that there is need for adequate testing kits in the country.



It was also discussed that there is need to engage private health facilities on how to handle Ebola suspected cases as three of the five suspected cases recorded came from private facilities.