Four people suffocate on luxury bus

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Four people suffocate on luxury bus

Mpika, September 16, 2014, ZANIS…Four people have suffocated on a named Lusaka – Nakonde bound bus due to poor air ventilation.

The incident happed last between 23: hours last night and 01 hours this morning.

The four commuters who suffocated included a 10 months year old baby whose mother also fainted and was rushed to Mukulu Rural Health Centre between  Mpika  and Serenje boundary for resustation.

The other two included a 50year old man who was travelling to Isoka in Muchinga province and a business lady who has not been identified fainted on the way towards Kasenga turnoff about 50 Kilo meters from Mpika .

Meanwhile some passengers on the bus have called on the Road Transport and Safety Agency (RATSA)  to start inspecting the conditions of luxury coach buses to reduce on air borne diseases and people suffocating.

Brian Chibwe Chola ,one of the witness and a passenger on the same bus complained that as much as they appreciate bus owners wanting to maintain the transport service to the commuters, there is need to consider the weather pattern of Zambia when purchasing buses.

Mr. Chola said air conditioned buses whose windows do not open are not ideal for the Zambian climate because passengers come from different places with various health conditions hence the need for RATSA to advice the bus owners the recommended type that would be suitable  here.

He expressed fear that with the looming outbreak of the Ebola virus in west Africa were Zambian Government is trying to put up preventive measures, RATSA has to move in quickly and ensure that buses have sliding windows which should be providing enough air to circulate air on buses.

And RATSA Senior Road Traffic Officer for Northern and Muchinga offices Rodgers Nkandu told Zambia News and Information Services (ZANIS) that his organization will move in quickly to regulate and ensure that buses are well inspected to avoid spreading of air borne diseases and suffocation incidences of .