Sorry, you’ll give me your TB – wife

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THE Matero Local Court has heard how a 20-year-old woman of Lusaka’s Garden township denied her husband sex after he was diagnosed with tuberculosis.
This is a case in which Rosemary Sakala, 20, sued her husband, Elias Sakala, 27, also of Garden Township for marriage reconciliation.
Rosemary told the court that she got married to Sakala in 2006 and the two have two children together.
She said that in 2006, Sakala proposed to her when she was 14 years old and doing grade six.
“He even promised to pay for my education,” Rosemary said.
Rosemary said Sakala would pick her from school almost daily but after falling pregnant, her mother ordered Sakala to take her as his wife.
“When I moved in with him he started mistreating me. He would call me a prostitute and accuse me of having sex with his younger brother,” she said.
Rosemary said Sakala sent her back to her mother to be taught how to take care of a husband and how to run a home.
“He even paid K50 for me to undergo marriage counselling. I want him to explain before the court why he chased me and refuses to reconcile with me,” she said.
Rosemary told senior court magistrates Petronella Kalyelye and Lewis Mumba that she still loves Sakala and was even pregnant.
But Sakala told the court that Rosemary does not respect him.
Sakala said his wife has a habit of leaving home to go and play with her friends.
“No, I don’t want to reconcile with her. I just want this marriage to end,” he said.
He also told the court that Rosemary has been refusing to make love to him after he was found with tuberculosis.
“Every time I want to make love to her she refuses, saying I will pass the disease on to her. She says I’m not man enough to satisfy her and adds that there are elderly men out there who can satisfy her sexually,” he said.
Sakala told the court that Rosemary usually asks other men to meet her needs yet I provide for her and the children.
“One day a young man who makes sausages at Lusaka city market brought sausages to her in my presence and when I interrogated the young man he told me that he liked my wife. I work night shifts and I don’t know what my wife does in my absence,” he said.
The court failed to reconcile the couple.


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