Luwingu receives condom boost

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-The Luwingu District Aids Task Force has received 360,000 packets of male condoms from the Nation Aids Council (NAC) to enhance the fight against HIV/AIDS.

Provincial Aids Coordinator Advisor (PACA) Daniel Nkondwa has disclosed the development to ZANIS in Luwingu today.

Mr Nkondwa said the recipients of the condoms will include both the people living with HIV/AIDS and those that are not in luwingu district.

Mr Nkondwa said the National Aids Council had seen it important to distribute free condoms to the rural areas in order to avert the spread of HIV/Aids in the Northern Province.

Mr Nkondwa said the distribution of the male condoms was aimed at reducing the further spread of HIV/Aids and other sexually transmitted infections in Luwingu district.

He said NAC also procured condoms to be distributed to the remaining districts in the province following the developmental projects being undertaken  in the area which have attracted many people from other parts of the country.

He noted that people from various provinces and districts were flocking into the northern province to look for employment opportunities as casual workers.

Mr Nkondwa explained that all the districts will receive 360, 000 packets of condoms each while Kasama will be given 720, 000 to be distributed to the community.

“As you may be aware the majority of infections in Zambia are transmitted through unprotected heterosexual contact. There has to be an infected person who will transmit the virus to an uninfected person,” he said.

Mr Nkondwa said condoms can reduce chances of getting the pelvic inflammatory diseases by women and protect them cervical cancer and effectively used as temporary contraception, such as when a woman is breast-feeding.

And Luwingu District Aids Task Force advisor Nonde Lwatula commended the National Aids Council for the gesture saying the condoms will be distributed to all the chiefdoms and government institutions in the district especially the police and ministry of education because they have a big number of officers deployed across the district.