Woman abandones marriage, opts for late aunt’s estate


THE Ndola Main Local Court has heard how a 23-year-old married woman left her husband to stay with her ailing aunt so that she could benefit from her estate when she died.
The court heard that Dasey Namukoko had abandoned her marriage at the time her aunt, Belina Namukoko was ill to get a share of the deceased’s property which she claimed had been offered to her when the relative was still alive.
Namukoko who has been married for three years told the court that her relatives had not been taking care of her, a situation which had forced her to leave and be nearer to the estate of the deceased.

She was testifying in a case in which she sued her uncle, Bernard Simukoko over ownership of her late aunt’s house located in Chifubu Township in Ndola.
Namukoko who was in possession of the title deeds of the house, told the court that she decided to steal the documents because her late husband’s relative had allegedly offered the house to her before she died.
She claimed before the court that her relatives had been planning to sell the house and share the money without her consent.

However, in his defence, Simukoko told the court that the deceased had many dependants and that it was not possible for Namukoko to have the house alone.
“My late sister had many dependants. Namukoko only started staying with her when she became very sick. She did not leave any Will or write anywhere that she had given the house to the Namukoko,” he said.
Ms Bwalya, however, adjourned the case and ordered the family to choose an administrator.

Times of Zambia