Simuusa dares UPND members to quit

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Zambezi West Patriotic Front (PF) campaign manager, Wilbur Simuusa has challenged the opposition to fulfil their pledge to resign if there will be no presidential by- elections in the country in four months.

Speaking after the election victory of the new PF Zambezi West MP, Christabel Ngimbu in Zambezi , Mr Simuusa said he is looking forward to the opposition to fulfil their pledge to quit their party if there will be no by-elections in four months.

Mr Simuusa said complaints of campaign malpractices during the run-up to the September 11 Zambezi West by-election are unfounded.

He said the ruling PF campaigned well in accordance with the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) directives.

Mr Simuusa further urged the opposition, especially the UPND to accept defeat to the PF.

He was reacting to concerns raised by the opposition who were alleging that the PF campaign team were involved in electoral malpractices.

Mr Simuusa said his committee was ready to face the opposition head on.

He added on that his committee was not involved in any electoral malpractices as alleged by the opposition.

Meanwhile, the newly elected area Member of Parliament, Christabel Ngimbu has assured the people in her constituency that she will lobby for the construction of a bridge across the Zambezi River.

The people of Zambezi have depended on using the pontoon for transport as well as to ferry goods and services.

And Provincial Minister, Nathaniel Mubukwanu said the election of the new PF area MP is a Jubilee gift to President Michael Sata.