Revised copy; Government worried by hatred among politicians

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Government has expressed concern with the prevailing hatred among politicians and other political players in the country.


Information and Broadcasting Services Minister Joseph Katema said the unwarranted hostility of viewing each other as enemies is retrogressive and needs urgent redress.


Dr Katema, who is also Chief Government Spokesperson, said such continued hatred in a Christian nation like Zambia will breed divisions in the country.


The Minister said government and those in the political arena cannot afford to divide the people on the basis of political affiliation, regionalism and tribalism.


Dr Katema appealed to the church to play an active role in spearheading reconciliation and co-existence among politicians and the Zambian people by providing spiritual guidance in State affairs.


He said government looks up to the church to help promote dialogue as the only means of resolving differences amicably and that government has confidence in the Catholic Church and other religious denominations to achieve reconciliation.


He was speaking today during the blousing ceremony of the Catholic Women’s’ League (CWL) West Deanery of the Lusaka Archdiocese held at St Maurice Catholic Church.

Dr Katema, who is also and President Micheal Sata’s sister Hildah was among the women bloused today.

The Minister said government values the contributions that the Catholic Church continues to make in bettering the lives of the people.

Dr Katema said the Catholic Church is an active partner in the provision of education, health and social services to many Zambians across the country.


He said the mission schools and hospitals the church runs and the care it gives to vulnerable children and advancement of social justice has helped to foster development in the country.

 Dr Katema added that the Catholic Church is an active partner in the provision of education, health and social services to better the lives of Zambians.


He reaffirmed government’s commitment to work with the Church to foster development in the country.


Dr Katema challenged the newly bloused members to do the will of God and lead exemplary lives by living the league’s motto of charity, work and loyalty and make positive difference in the lives of parishioners at St Maurice Catholic Church.


And speaking at the same occasion, St Maurice Catholic Church Parish Priest Fr. Andrew Mwashi urged the recently bloused members to hold on to Christ and evangelise the world by their faithfulness to Christ and their deeds.


Fr Mwashi reminded the newly commissioned CWL members that they had made a covenant with the Almighty God and should not tarnish the image of the Catholic Church.