PF is making inroads in opposition strongholds – FODEP

Vubwi By-Election final results UNIP 395, FDD 649, UPND 761, MMD1091 and PF 3797.
Vubwi By-Election final results UNIP 395, FDD 649, UPND 761, MMD1091 and PF 3797.

The Foundation for Democratic Process (FODEP) says it is an undeniable fact that the electoral results from the five by-elections show that PF is making inroads in opposition strongholds as evidenced in Vubwi, Kasenengwa, Solwezi, Mkushi and Zambezi West constituencies.

And FODEP has observed that the just ended parliamentary by-elections were conducted in a transparent manner.

Speaking during a press briefing in Lusaka today, FODEP Executive Director MacDonald Chipenzi says this is so because some of the constituencies have been associated with the ruling parties for some time except that 2011 elections put them on the other side of the coin.


Mr. Chipenzi says the analysis has shown that Solwezi Central and Kasenengwa constituencies both located in an urban set-up were won by the opposition while Mkushi South, Vubwi and Zambezi West which are rural constituencies were scooped by the ruling party.

Mr. Chipenzi has however, bemoaned the high levels of voter apathy that characterized the by-elections.

He says Zambezi West had 10,206 voters, only 4,924 voters cast their votes representing 48.2% the highest turn out in this round of by-elections while Kasenengwa with 41, 795 had 15,141 voters voting representing 36.2% turnout.


The FODEP Executive Director furthermore explains that Vubwi had 18,084 registered voters and only 6,693 voters managed to cast their votes representing 37.0% while Solwezi Central with 52,900 voters only had about 10,403 casting their votes representing 19.67% turnout.

He furthermore states that Mkushi South in Luano District had 12,793 only about 4,738 voters casting their vote representing 37.04% saying this illustrates that all the constituencies failed to score 50% voter turnout.

Mr. Chipenzi says the victories and losses scored were as a result of various variables ranging from political party and candidates’ strengths and popularities respectively to urban-rural divide and desire to be close the party in power.

He says another interesting aspect is that the election results were in favour of the ruling party in both constituencies where new districts have been declared such as Vubwi and Mkushi South.

( Saturday 13th September 2014 )