Mbala General Hospital wards flooded, as pipe bursts

Circumcision packets in a Zambian hospital await their patients.

Mbala General Hospital children’s and male surgical wards yesterday suffered floods following a pipe burst
And Mbala District Commissioner, Best Kabulembe who visited the health institution last night to check on the situation found patients in floods as the water was coming out from one of the rooms where the pipe had burst.

Mr Kabulembe expressed disappointment with hospital management for failing to take precautionary measures to control the flow of water when the matter was noticed before 17: 00 hours until the situation became worse at night.
But when contacted for a comment, Acting Medical Superintendent, Brian Mwansa said the pipe burst due to pressure when as workers were testing the bore hole which has been sunk at the hospital.

Dr Mwansa disclosed that the water pipes had been corroded with rust and could not contain the pressure since the institution had experienced insufficient water supply for quite some time.
He said the situation has been rectified as plumbers were replacing the old pipes.