Kasama women want the age of 16 year old rapist investigated

Police arrest handcuffs arrested jail
Police arrest handcuffs

 The 16 year-old boy of Kasama’s Mulenga Hills Township suspected to have murdered his 22 year old aunt has appeared in the Kasama magistrates’ court for mention.

Facts before court are that between Saturday, 6th September and Sunday, 7th September, 2014, the juvenile suspect allegedly murdered his aunt, Grace Muzumala.

The suspect is remanded at Milima State Prison awaiting his case to be committed to the High Court.

Ms Muzumala is said to have been slayed by the 16-year old boy who is a nephew to her husband in the early hours of Sunday, after she rebuked him for returning home late and drunk.

She was buried at Kasama’s Chiba Cemetery on Tuesday this week and her funeral was attended by hundreds of people.

• Meanwhile, Scores of women have petitioned police to thoroughly investigate the age of the boy who allegedly raped and murdered a 22 year old lady of Kasama’s Mulenga-Hills area 

Women, who stormed mano news last night, charged that it is not possible for a 16 year old boy to rape and murder a 22 year old lady.

They urged police to verifying the age of the suspect by looking at his birth certificate and authenticate it with his school record.

On Sunday, the named 16 year old boy raped and stabbed his uncle’s wife to death after she rebuked him for returning home late and drunk.

The late Grace Muzumala was put to rest on Tuesday this week.


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