Vubwi, Kasenengwa by- elections peaceful

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Calm has characterized the on-going Parliamentary by-elections in Vubwi and Kansenengwa constituencies.

ZANIS reports from Vubwi that no incidents have been reported at the
polling stations that have been visited so far.

At Chigwe school polling station, 73 people had cast their votes out
of the 240 registered voters by 10:00 hours this morning.

Presiding Officer Ackim Banda said voting  is at a low pace as the turnout has been low.

And at Chipanje school polling station, 51 voters had cast their votes by 09:30 hours out of the 339 registered voters according to Presiding
Officer John Phiri.

Meanwhile, a check at Liona School polling station found that 60 people had voted by 09:15 hours.

Presiding Officer Nyuma Kangwa said the station has 550 registered voters.