‘I need dagga to enrich my hair’, teen

Police arrest handcuffs arrested jail
Police arrest handcuffs

A BALD-headed juvenile of Ndola’s Nkwazi township on Tuesday caused laughter in the Ndola Magistrate’s Court after he alleged that he uses marijuana to enrich the texture of his hair.
This is in a matter in which the 15-year-old boy has pleaded guilty to trafficking  915 grammes of marijuana.
The juvenile told magistrate Eston Kafunyi that he was found with marijuana, which he intended to use as hair food.
But Mr Kafunyi wondered how the illict drug could be used as ‘hair food’ on a clean-shaven head.
The teenager further caused laughter when he told the court that he was apprehended from Nkwazi market at a location the product is sold.
And Mr Kafunyi urged the Drug Enforcement Commissioner to intensify operations in Nkwazi based on the juvenile’s report.
“I was apprehended at a location were marijuana is sold,” the juvenile said.
Facts before the court are that on August 18 this year, the juvenile was arrested for possessing 915 grammes of marijuana.
The juvenile has been referred to the social welfare department and will appear in court on September 18, this month for sentencing.


Zambia Daily Mail