Ebola preparedness critical for Livingstone

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Ebola preparedness critical for Livingstone

Livingstone, September  11, 2014 ZANIS——–Livingstone District medical office says Ebola preparedness is very important if Zambia is to control the disease in case of an outbreak in the district.

Livingstone District medical officer Cliff Hara says Ebola preparedness is imperative despite Zambia not having records of the viral disease.

“We must be happy that Ebola has not reached Zambia at the moment and we must make sure to do everything possible that it does not reach us”, he said.

Dr.  Hara said there is need for the public to take an active role in making sure that they play their part by cooperating with the medical personnel as the y carry out sensitization in the communities.

Dr. Hara said that there is need for the public to understand that Ebola is not an airborne disease but spreads through body fluids by having contact with an infected person.

He explained that there is need for the public to practice personal hygiene and the people need to know  one of the ways to prevent the Ebola virus by avoiding unnecessary contact. 

“Unnecessary contacts puts people at risk therefore it is important that the public avoids such”, he said.

Dr. Hara said there are certain people who find themselves in crowded places despite having nothing to do in such areas.

He added that for the deadly Ebola to be fought diligently the citizens need to co-operate with the government by following instructions being given to them.

Dr.  Hara said that some countries have failed to control  Ebola due to the rebelliousness of their citizens in working together with the government.

He said this today in Kariba ward during the Livingstone district medical office sensitization campaign on Ebola.

And senior clinical care officer for District Medical Office Greenford Sibusenga said government chose Mosi-oa-Tunya Clinic as a quarantine centre situated in Kariba ward because it is a secluded place.

Addressing the Residents of Kariba ward on their revolts to have Mosi-oa-Tunya clinic as centre Mr. Sibusenga said it was not only the decision of the Livingstone district Medical office but the national level as they considered that Mosi-oa-Tunya clinic qualifies according to the national standards.

He assured the community that they were safe as government would not choose Mosi-oa-Tunya clinic as a quarantine centre if the lives of the community would be at risk.

Recently , the residents of Kariba ward protested after government proposed Mosi-oa-Tunya clinic situated right in the middle of their residential area as a quarantine centre in case of the any suspected Ebola case in Livingstone district.